Increase Forklift Safety with

Accu-Fork Laser Guidance System

Forklift Safety Accessories

The Accu-Fork forklift safety system is an inexpensive, high-tech, parallel mounted forklift safety accesory device that ensures exact placement of the fork tips.

It provides the forklift operator with a constant visual reference to exact fork tip location when placing or retrieving a product from it's storage space. In doing so it provides the forklift operator increased accuracy, confidence and productivity while lowering the occurrence of product damage and personal injury.

Accu-Fork can be supplemented by two new products that significantly bolster any forklift safety program. The products are the Rack-guard and Roof-guard.

The Accu-Fork forklift safety system assists the operator during the most complex part of maneuvering a forklift, which is in the actual loading and unloading of objects, because many actions are being performed concurrently: moving forward, moving backward, positioning the load, raising and lowering the load, and moving it into position.

The Accu-Fork Forklift Safety System incorporates state of the art circuitry to enhance the overall performance and features of the product.

The Forklift Safety System utilizes a Vibration Sensitive Circuit, that engages the Laser automatically with any movement of the forks.

The Vibration Sensitive Circuit and Laser are housed in a machined aluminum housing. The Vibration Sensitive Circuit automatically cuts power to the unit 30 seconds after movement stops. The need for an On/Off Switch is completely eliminated.

Forklift Safety Accessories:
Inexpensive and Feature Packed

The core of the Accu-Fork Forklift Safety System system is a highly efficient laser module that incorporates a Thermal Disconnect Circuit that will automatically shut down the laser if the ambient temperature exceeds the maximum temperature rating of the laser so it will not become damaged. 

Accu-Fork is powered by a 4.8V NiMH rechargeable battery pack that has sufficient storage capacity to run the unit for approximately 40+ hours of continuous use.

The Accu-Fork comes with a Battery Charger that will put an 80% "quick charge" on the battery pack in 4 hours and will fully charge the battery pack in approximately 8 hours.

The Accu-Fork Forklift Safety System easily attaches to the forklift carriage in under 60 minutes. The Laser is vertically adjustable so it can be perfectly aligned parallel with the forks.

When the laser dot points to an opening in the pallet, or pallet support beam, it disappears indicating to the forklift operator that the forks are correctly aligned with the pallet opening.